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Careers Related Learning

We are excited that Hady has been selected to be part of a £2.6 million Department for Education backed program called “The Start Small Dream Big” project run by the Careers and Enterprise company. The program will last 2.5 years and we are one of 300 primary schools involved for the first year. Careers Related Learning (CRL) introduces pupils to various career paths. 


 At Hady, our CRL activities and programs engage pupils in exploring different careers, understanding the world of work, and developing essential skills.  We aim to broaden the horizons of our young learners, enabling them to begin to consider decisions about their future career pathways. Our goal is to inspire and motivate pupils and help them understand the variety of options available as they explore their interests and talents.  We also focus on breaking gender stereotypes.  

Activities like assemblies showcase a variety of job roles, encompassing the world of work. We invite in guest speakers from the local community who have ties to the school and Chesterfield. We are keen to deliver an all-encompassing range of roles.   As well as this we hold workshops with visitors from sectors such as banking, the charity sector and apprentice roles. We are keen to keep ties with pupils even after they leave us and invite them to come back and share their experiences of Further and Higher Education as well as the careers they have chosen.   

We plan visits to local businesses to provide interactive experiences, allowing pupils to learn from professionals and gain practical insights.  We also hold an annual ‘Careers Day’, in which pupils dress up, share stories and take part in a themed activities and fun projects linked to CRL.  Additionally, each year, we host “Enterprise Week” focused on business and entrepreneurialism. The aim is to give the children a greater appreciation of finances and the link between money and work. Each class is given ££££ and they have to decide how they could increase that amount over the week by organising activities / producing products that they can sell during the Trade Fair. Enterprise week is about encouraging children to create a product to sell by thinking about its design, how a product could be made, the costs involved, how to advertise it and sell it.  It excites and enthuses the next generation of Chesterfield entrepreneurs and involves our whole school community, as parents are invited to attend the trade fair.   

We are proud that our CRL program also helps pupils develop transferable skills like communication, problem-solving, teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking.  It  highlights the importance of education and motivates pupils to excel. It empowers our pupils to set goals and helps us to fulfil our mission: nurture, inspire, grow.   

If you would like to participate in our CRL program as a guest speaker or to visit our school to host a careers related workshop we would love to hear from you!