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Chorus believes that every child in our trust deserves the best education possible. We also believe that there is outstanding expertise across our region that can be harnessed to make this happen. Collaboration is a key part of our ethos.

In addition to primary and secondary schools within the trust, Chorus includes the South Yorkshire Teaching Hub, which is approved to deliver the Department for Education’s ‘golden thread’ of support, training and development of teachers and school leaders, working with 300 schools across Sheffield and Rotherham plus schools in North Derbyshire. This extends from initial teacher training, through early career training and on to the delivery of National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) for current and aspiring school leaders.

The Chorus ethos is ‘Outstanding Achievement for All'. We want to create a culture of success in which children and young people can succeed. We do this through the provision of safe and supportive schools, collaborating to ensure that young people benefit from a more effective spend of public money.

Hady Primary School joined Chorus Education Trust on 1 July 2024.

Benefits of being part of Chorus

Being part of Chorus Education Trust provides lots of opportunities for the children and staff of Hady Primary School, including:

  • Priority access to the best new teachers, via the South Yorkshire Teaching Hub, Sheffield Teacher Training Alliance and National Modern Languages SCITT.
  • Access to teachers who are subject specialists and can help support other teachers and share subject resources.
  • Increased staff continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities, including working with colleagues across the trust.
  • Access to grants and funding that are only available to multi-academy trusts.
  • Access to specialist skills from within the Chorus Trust Central Team, such as finance, HR, marketing and IT.
  • Improvements to the school site.
  • The chance for schools to share their facilities, eg outdoor pursuits, performance, and sporting facilities etc.

Financial savings and efficiencies, due to bulk purchasing and shared resources across the trust.

Further information

Further information on Chorus is available at www.chorustrust.org.

Trust policies and publications, including the core legal documentation for our schools, can be found at www.chorustrust.org/policiesandpublications.

Contact details

  • Chorus Education Trust, Unit 4 Acres Hill Business Park, Acres Hill Lane, Sheffield S9 4LR
  • Website: www.chorustrust.org
  • Telephone: 0114 235 7983
  • Email: info@chorustrust.org