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At Hady Primary School, the children have access to an engaging and inspiring computing curriculum that equips pupils with the essential skill of computational thinking. Children are provided with the opportunity to develop their creativity through the use of a wide range of programmes and applications that make deep links with mathematics, science and design and technology. At Hady, children immerse themselves into the world of computer science through first hand use of chrome books, iPads and interactive whiteboards. 

Pupils will become digitally literate as they explore the world of programming and develop their understanding of fundamental principles including algorithms, data representation, logic and abstraction. Children will express themselves by writing computing programs and have repeated practice of solving and analysing problems. As they continually access and engage with new and unfamiliar technology, children will flourish and be able to analytically solve problems relating to modern day information technology and computer science.

At Hady, we ensure children develop a responsible and competent attitude towards computing which provides them with aspirations that will support and guide them when they enter the ever-changing world of the future workplace. Technology changes daily and it is our aim at Hady to ensure every child is confident and proficient in their use of modern-day technology.  Each class has a set of chrome books to assist in their learning in every subject.  

Hady Primary School takes internet safety extremely seriously and we strive to ensure every child is able to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly. Our pupils adhere to the acceptable IT policy for pupils and an e-safety policy which is disseminated through high-quality teaching. As a result, children can recognise acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and are able to identify and report concerns about inappropriate content and contact.? 

Areas of the computing curriculum have been tailored to ensure we are responding to the pupils’ needs and understanding of pertinent issues that have become more prominent following the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes the circulation of fake news and the safe use of electronic communication platforms. In addition to this, each year, Hady holds an internet safety day that aims to enhance and develop pupil and community understanding of internet safety. Both adults and children explore social media, online-gaming and acceptable use of internet search engines.?? 

Through our Computing curriculum, we want to ensure pupils have a good understanding of information technology and be digitally literate. We want our pupils to have a deep understanding of computer science, including the language and vocabulary, that’s developed and built upon year by year. Upon leaving Hady Primary School, we want our computing curriculum to give pupils the platform to access secondary learning confidently and provide them with the drive and aspiration to pursue jobs with technology when they enter into the wider world. 

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