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Design and Technology

At Hady Primary and Nursery School we recognise that Design and Technology is a fundamental and essential part of the curriculum that is delivered to all children. Design and technology is an inspiring and rigorous subject taught practically through real life experience and challenge. Throughout their time at Hady, children will learn how to solve a variety of problems and create products for a range of people and reasons. 

 Design and technology is taught from the National Curriculum from Y1 to Y6. Early years Foundation Stage also engage in the challenges provided by the subject through continuous provision and focused adult and child led tasks. 

  Objective led tasks and lessons are planned from the cornerstones curriculum that is followed at Hady, this is split into 6 topics per year with regular opportunities for design and Technology throughout. During their time at Hady children will engage in the four domains of design and technology; Design, Make, Evaluate and Technological Knowledge. During which children are able to design purposeful, functional and appealing products for themselves and others by designing, selecting appropriate materials, tools and methods and evaluating their results.

Progression map - Design and Technology

More information about our intent for Design and Technology at Hady Primary School

At Hady, children are encouraged to engage in a variety of projects which equip them with the skills needed to make, design and evaluate products created for a purpose to be used in the real world. These real life situations include problems encountered by the children and others in school, on the playground, at home and in the surrounding community. Where possible design and technology links with a range of other subjects such as maths, computing, art and science and children are encouraged to draw on and apply wider knowledge from these subjects. 

At Hady children are nurtured by the care and knowledge of adults and through the teaching and learning whereby children can make mistakes. They are all given equal and ample opportunity to learn in their own way and are heard as valid and independent individuals.  

The children are constantly developing their understanding of and use of the 6 R’s. These characteristics support children to ensure they are ready to learn and to learn effectively, improving themselves and others. We achieve this by giving children opportunity to explore a wide range of important matters and problems faced by society today in a wide range of ways. This happens through practical tasks, using inspiring literature, discussions in groups and with adults and learning through exploration.