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At Hady Primary School the curriculum is designed to support our values and aims to nurture, inspire and grow hearts, minds and bodies.

Our children come from so many varied backgrounds with links to cultures and history that launch their learning and influence their interests, perspectives and choices. Whether grandad worked down the mines or mum emigrated from another country or sister is in the army: where our children come from, who they know, and what they have experienced paves the way for what they will take away from primary school. By embracing our children’s lived experiences and building on them, we hope to grow aspiration for all.

With a wide range of ethnicity within our school and community, we have a commitment to celebrate culture and diversity. We want to ensure our pupils enjoy a breadth of experience and exposure through our curriculum, with a timeline of topics designed to ensure culture and diversity are interwoven in every key stage. We are considering more than a national curriculum and ticking specific boxes: we are equipping our children with life skills they will need to be responsible adults in their future.

Following the Coronavirus pandemic, we have revised our curriculum to take into account the global and national issues that are affecting us. From Black Lives Matters to protests about women’s safety in society, the world’s media – local, national and social – is awash with viral messages. In order to participate constructively in this world where judgements are rendered with and without facts, children at Hady will be taught the skills and knowledge to develop informed opinions and considered conclusions.

The pandemic has also created a chasm of knowledge and understanding for many pupils, and our post-pandemic curriculum will ensure we account for lost learning and personal, social, and health education. With a focus on RSHE, we will celebrate the six Rs of Hady – our goals to always be:

· Responsible: think about what is kind and what is safe and make the right choice.

· Resilient: don’t give up – find a way to move forward even when things get tricky.

· Resourceful: if you don’t know an answer, find a way to figure it out – fetch a ruler, check a book, ask a friend.

· Ready: come to school and every lesson prepared to learn, to engage, and to achieve.

· Reflective: think about your behaviour, your understanding, and your choices and consider what you’ve done well and how you can improve.

· Respectful: demonstrate your care for yourself and others by using appropriate words and actions.

Reading – our love for it, our celebration of it, and our immersion in it – is one of our key tools we use to develop creative and critical thinkers. All of our topics have a high quality novel or text to hook our pupils in, to make them want to learn more, to read on, to discover. We are also passionate about reading aloud to children. This stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of everything from syntax to fluency to expression, but also develops their listening skills and demonstrates that reading is a fun and exciting experience. Books are our windows into different worlds, cultures, religions, philosophies, and experiences, so we surround ourselves with them, both in our physical environment and in our curriculum, using reading to bolster our approach to learning, our enjoyment of it, and our access to it.

Our curriculum aims to bring together the potent, vibrant mix of children’s lived experiences, our community’s diversity and our school’s values and passions to create a vehicle for learning that will bridge gaps, whether caused by the pandemic, circumstance or happenstance. We want our pupils to buzz with the excitement of their learning and to open their eyes wide to the possibilities of their world and their future. We can achieve this with our curriculum, designed to engage hearts and minds, cultivate curiosity and inspire our pupils to go as far as possible in pursuit of their aspirations.

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