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English at Hady focuses on speaking and listening, phonics, reading and writing. We inspire our learners through exciting topics, high quality literature and engaging writing stimuli. We use phonics and reading as a vehicle to drive the English curriculum to ensure all our pupils learn to read fluently, develop comprehension skills, and as a hook to inspire writing.

We intend for children to write confidently and creatively for a range of purposes and a range of audiences, drawing on the wider curriculum, experiences and exciting books.

At Hady reading is high profile, reading for pleasure is promoted across the school and reading for wider purposes is taught explicitly. This will enable all our children to become active readers, to apply their reading skills across the broader curriculum and to foster a lifelong love of reading.

We use the 6R framework to support the teaching of English, encouraging exemplary learning behaviours as we know these are the key to progress. We aim to equip all learners with an English education that provides a solid foundation for the next stage in their education. We offer a range of enhancement activities throughout the year which all feed into the English curriculum, these include day trips, author visits, travelling theatre companies, book fairs, bed-time story nights and much more. Furthermore, our promotion of top 20 reads ensures that every child is able to access a high-quality text which is challenging, exciting and vocabulary rich, whilst still being at a suitable reading level.