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Physical Education

At Hady our curriculum for Physical Education is designed to develop physical literacy in children of all abilities and backgrounds. Our mastery approach to learning in fun, engaging PE lessons inspires the children to improve their physical skills and believe that they can all progress in every lesson.

Through their deeper understanding of how to perform a range of skills, children strive to ‘Be the Best They Can Be’ - our sports motto. Thorough engagement in lessons helps children improve their fitness and activity levels, which proves to the children that they can succeed.

This raising of aspirations is vital to our school community, located as we are in the M1 corridor of the East Midlands.


We have a commitment to active learning throughout the curriculum and daily physical activity in all classes. Teachers use curriculum objectives to plan, deliver and assess a broad range of knowledge, skills and understanding. Specific activities linked to the various cross-curricular topics are taught in addition to the twice weekly lessons which focus on specific skill development. Likewise, many PE lessons include activities which also help to embed knowledge from other areas of the curriculum such as geography, history, science and maths. Curriculum enrichment activities such as Wellness and Sports Day, personal challenges, intra- and inter-school competitions, sports leadership opportunities and local WOW events and festivals provide children with inspirational experiences where they can apply and build on the skills they have learnt.