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Our School Dogs

At Hady Primary School, we pride ourselves on the school’s caring ethos and we aim to build a happy and safe learning environment. Our education is not just about learning to read and write, it is about developing the whole child. Having followed much research, we decided to recruit new members to the Hady family – school dogs,  owned by Mrs Chapman.

Meet Pippa

Pippa was born in March of 2020 and is a cavapoochon, which means one of her parents is a cavalier king spaniel and the other is a poochon (a poodle crossed with a bichon frise).  She is a very springy and super speedy pup - she loves an open field with a few low walls to hurdle over.  Nevertheless, she has a very gentle nature and loves both children and adults and especially Mr Kotylo, who brings her treats and toys to play with.


Say hello to Hector

Hector is Pippa's little brother, who was born in February 2021 to the same parents in a second litter.  He is a fluffy ball of fun who likes to scamper about with his big sister, and they can often be seen playing under the trees on the grass banks near the office.  Hector thinks all people, big and small, are AMAZING, and he is still learning to curb his exuberance by keeping all four of his paws on the ground when he says hello.  Hector would like to be everyone's best friend, and if you take him for a walk or throw a ball for him, he will reward you with his big, goofy grin.  


Why we have adopted school dogs

Please have a look at our School Dogs Policy to learn more about our reasons for adopting school dogs, who can offer our children a listening ear for readers or those who sometimes find it tricky to talk about how they are feeling.  They provide a spot of cheer and a calming presence for children who need either during the school day, and they aren't half bad for boosting staff morale too!